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 投稿者:Abdelmalek Sellal  投稿日:2013年 4月 6日(土)23時49分40秒



March 10, 2013
Chick #1 sits on top of his sibling in the nest and it is ready to take off for a first flight in its life. My camera scared him. And it flew from his nest to next tree.  The buzz sound of parent approaching the chick is only way to find the chick in the big tree. It is puffy and trembling.  Its beak is only a half of the lenghth of its parent, but its body appears bigger than parent's . Parent find the chick and feed with its beak to chick's beak. 2nd chick left the nest shortly after and both hung around for few weeks.  Now in April, they are hard to find probably because they are busy flying far to visit all the flowers around the neighborhood.  The parent bird still shows up sometime when we stand  under our trees. It pauses for a moment in the air looking at us like "What are you doing in my yard?" and it flys away over the roof with jet speed. It is a happiest season indeed.


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