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 投稿者:川井 浩  投稿日:2013年 3月10日(日)07時23分8秒
  をいただきました。 あんまりかわいい情報なので、ご本人の承諾も無く、転載しちゃいます。 お許しください。


Hi everyone!   Spring is almost here.  Amie, my youngest, just had a baby girl Hana and Christie, second daughter is about to have her 4th baby.  I am so lucky to have 8 grand children.  Also, In our backyard there are three kinds of bird nest producing young ones. One is hummingbird. It is first time we have the nest in our lemon tree although we see hummingbirds often in our yard.

About a month ago, I noticed that every time I go out to back yard and stand under our lemon tree, one hummingbird comes around me like a fly.  When I open the screen door to backyard, it comes right away  with buzzing noise and stick around me.  It comes so close to my face fearlessly and I finally realized that it is a hostile gesture toward me.  I named it Doorbell because it shows up instantly with buzz like doorbell.  There must be a nest in lemon tree, I thought.  Then sure enough I found it surprisingly low and near  branch to our bedroom window.  It is protecting the nest. The nest look just like an old dried up lemon stuck to the branch and it is size of a half of chicken egg.   I stretched my arms and took a photo of what was in the nest. Two tiny white eggs with size of soybean. Their mom or dad ? watch them all day from predator during a day while it is busy collecting  sweet nector.  And it sits on the eggs every cold night even in rain or strong wind.  Few weeks later I noticed two red pointy beaks sticking out from the nest.  Eggs have hatched.   I can now watch it from window sucking the sugar water from the feeder and feed chicks by long and skinny beak.  How lucky I am to see all these so close!  Now I see chick's wing flap out of nest sometime .  They are ugly and appear bigger compared to their mother.  Now Doorbell noticed that I am watching them inside my window, so when I lift the blind with my finger just a little to peek out, it comes right away and  watch me from outside of window pausing in the air with amazingly fast wings.  How smart and deligent it is.  It is amazing.  Continue....

新着順:1997/2364 《前のページ | 次のページ》